Tomorrow the Cinematheque posts its schedule for the new season. Yeah! There are hours of procrastination to be had as I attempt to decide which movies (or films) I would like to see, but ultimately won't. I'm bad that way.

The research grant proposal is still coming along. The meat is there, I'm just having problems with the radish roses that should make it pleasant to read and more importantly understandable to people other than me. It is a pity that I can't simply demand the funding and get it. Of course I deserve to spend five months in Prague even though I'm a humanities scholar. I know the language. How many non-Czech political scientists can say that? Close to nil. Well, now that I've gotten that out of my system, it's back to the office and my plea for a couple of thousand dollars. I suppose that if this fails I can always hold a bake sale or three or four...

The first two paragraphs, that is the one in which I state my ground-breaking hypothesis and the long boring in one in which I prove my dominion over the field (He's nice and I like his hair, but his book sucks!) have been completed. Now I just need to say how time in the Czech Republic can only aid the genius that is my cause, how I will share my genius, how my genius will aid U.S. foreign policy (it can't, I'm too smart), and why my genius is necessary for the good of the field (heck, anything remotely intelligent in the field of Czech studies is an improvement over all the Havel-, Kundera-, and Klima-inspired pointless blather that's been proliferating at an alarming rate since 1968). Then, I'm done until Doctor Cz. points out everything that I've done wrong.

Update, 19.25. I'm at the sharing my genius part, which is closely related to why my genius is a good thing and I am running out of steam. I also have this sneaking suspicion that I haven't said what I want to say and that the deadling is not 15 January, but earlier. Anxiety dreams tonight!

Update, 19.37: Maybe I should just stop writing the proposal now.

The landlord is currently over and he's got the thirty-foot snake out. He must be doing something right because the area by the kitchen sink smells vile! -Zh.


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