...and the Oscar goes to...

Donald H. Rumsfeld! Well, he doesn't actually get an Academy Award, but he is topping the various year-end lists of everyone in the liberal press. Of course those lists are for things like putting one's foot in one's mouth and the delightfully named Totally Full of Crap Award. Congratulations Donald! You're a worse public speaker than your boss!

In other news, I have been informed that the cute hobbit sings in the new LOTR movie and that it's lovely. For a minute, as I was contemplating what to write as a comment on what feels like the gazillionth "B-" paper I've marked this week, I thought to myself, maybe I will go to the theatre and watch it. Then I remembered that this thing is over three hours long and I like to pee hourly, that elves are still inherently silly, and that I didn't really like the first two installments. Ahh...hormones and boredom, truly a lethal combination. -Zh.


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