Osmosis Amoebas

I started Comme un trou with Ptichka several years ago. She put in a couple of guest appearences and then I became the sole proprietor of the URL. I also started out thinking that this would be an academic blog first and a personal blog last.

As I begin the home stretch of the dissertation, which will mark the end of my academic career, I find that with a couple of exceptions, I'm just not very interested in the things that used to interest me. I hardly ever read academic blogs anymore, partly out of jealousy and partly because the woes of diss writing and the academic job market just don't interest me anymore. I really don't care about Russian literature very much either. I don't want to see "smart" movies at the moment. The less intellectual entries in Owen Wilson's filmographies are disturbingly appealing. I'd like to find some more boat books to read. I'd really like to learn how to draw and mix paint.

From the very beginning I failed the academic blog first and personal blog last test and it's always bothered me. I've always felt constrained by my first intentions. I've always felt sheepish about posting about other topics, like the same-sex marriage debates in Canada, my personal life, grocery stores from around the world, even though those topics have always been infinitely more appealing to me (and probably to you too) than anything academia has to offer.

I also feel that this blog hasn't been very interesting or successful or exceptional.

Why am I rambling on about the history of this blog? The long answer: Ptichka, in her typically insightful manner, pointed out earlier today that I've been talking about killing this blog off or shifting the focus for a while now. I'd rather not have this paper trail spreading out behind my newest focus. The short asnwer: This will be my penultimate post here. The next post will be a link to my new endeavour.

And then? I think that I'll delete the entire thing.

It's been fun. I hope that I'll see you soon in my new digs.
I'm rethinking this blog. I'm tempted to chuck it and start anew. At the moment, I've changed the template and I'm rethinking my focus. In other words, I'm trying to figure out what my focusm if any, will be.