It's Spring!

Well, actually, it isn't, but it was twelve degrees out today. I took another last outdoor run until March. These jaunts are getting meaningless, they've been happening so often. It was odd running when other people were out and about and after the sun had come out. Usually only some hardcore dog walkers, people who can't help but be up at god-awful hours (aka people who work), and some other runners are out. This time, however, there were ecstatic dog walkers, although it seems to me that it would be easier to pick up Spot's mess when there's snow or at least ice on the ground, old people on their way to NoFrills, and other random people on their way somewhere else. I didn't like it, but K.'s quite sick, so the first outing of the day was to Pharmaprix or whatever it's called in Anglo-land to pick up some drugs. There have been none consumed except for a Cepacol, but K. seems to be doing better. -Zh.

Tap-dancing Classics lecturer. Chilling isn't it? (M, 38).


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