So we're off to Manitoba later this afternoon to spend Christmas with K.'s family. It's always an odd dynamic when we travel during the holidays; one is ready to wet oneself with excitement, while the other one dutifully smiles and nods in agreement with the gazillionth, "Aren't you excited?" Of course I'm excited, but while K.'s family is half my family now, it's not my family. At least the landscape is extreme. Southern Ontario topography is so boring. K. will probably make me remove this later, but it feels good right now.

Well... Manitoba here we come! There had better be some good ice fishing!

And to my four or so faithful readers, Happy Holidays! If I don't update during my vacation, I promise to fill you in on all the Franco-Manitoban debauchery in the new year. I think that the French-Canadians are my favourite thing about Canada and not just because K. is one of my favourite things in the world, they're just way more fun than the Anglos. -Zh.


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