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Even though I am at a loss to adequately summarize my ten days in Manitoba, although the key words would be food, alcohol, and ice fishing, I am going to reduce this entire year to a list of ten of my favorite things. Family and friends are a given, so there will be no separate entries for them, except for:

1. K. No one puts up with my shit with as much grace and understanding as K., except for, of course, my parents. The difference between the two? K. could always dump me.

From here on out the list will be in alphabetical order.

2. Bien. Pronounced more like the French word bain, because those Franco-Manitobans are a clean people. The word with 1001 uses. My current favorites are "bien shit" and "bien right on!"

3. Brno. The Czech Republic's second city, while not as obviously magical as Prague, still has a firmer grip on my heart than the capital.

4. Czech beer. I still find it hard to drink anything else and I still find myself thinking at nine in the morning that a Gambrinus would be tasty.

5. K.'s Olfa Knife. I don't own my own...yet.

6. Mail Art. A little less anal and whole lot more rewarding than my dissertation. Procrastination anyone?

7. Momisms. When you feel that it's time to enrich your repetoire of clever sayings, put away the quotation books and listen to Mom. Current favorites: "Son of a beehive." "...and we're off like a herd of turtles." "Lord love a duck."

8. Passing my comps. Even though the whole process reminded me of bad sex (all build-up, crappy release), they are finished! I never have to take another exam in my life, unless I choose to and I don't plan on choosing to do that anytime in the near future.

9. Strongbad e-mails. C'mon and get in the boat.

10. Traveling solo. Who knew that it could be so much fun?

Lest I forget, Happy New Year's to everyone!


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