So, K. went to visit a relative for the weekend, which means that I have the apartment to myself. It feels good. I did have a big day planned that included Christmas baking and cleaning the kitchen. Instead, I slept in, goofed off, made some holiday cards for people I don't know, and went shopping for K.'s gift. I found it at the first store. Of course, dork me was reduced to telling the salesperson that this thing that I'll be giving K. is "beautiful." Yeah, my extensive store of adjectives disappeared and left me with "beautiful." I could have said it in several languages, but then I would have descended from dorkhood into idiocy. Evil adjectives. I could threaten these miscreants with being retired or never used at all, but they know that that would be worse for me than for them. I can't really live without them because my thesaurus is too big to carry with me everywhere. Plus, it would be a real drag on conversation, looking up every single frickin' modifier because I've already said "beautiful" a gazillion times during the course of the conversation and it hasn't once meant "aesthetically pleasing."


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