Minou seems to be suffering from a major bout of kitty-angst. I'm sure that if she could talk, she would be asking for a swig of J.D. from the flask. She can open both eyes now, although the right one is ringed in purpley-red. It looks as though she's been in a bar brawl. Pauvre, pauvre, pauvre.

The South African government agency that went after Microsoft last summer because of the latter's ad campaign promising reliable, bug-free software, has set its sights on Santa Claus.

In other news everyone, including me, is cranky. First there's drama on the listserv, then there's drama on the random mail site, and my problem, well everyone around me is in a foul mood and I don't want to go to the official Christmas party this afternoon. Sigh. Why can't people be civil and tolerant? -Zh.


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