I'm Back. Barely.

I need a vacation to recover from the last four days of my vacation.

I also need to get a bunch of tests marked.

And get some more written for my penultimate chapter.

And sleep. I need to sleep more.

Well, that's not happening until this weekend, so there will be no posting until then.

Unless, of course, the Conservatives do something else that really scares me. Well, they've already freaked me out by somehow managing to muzzle everyone but Harper so Canada's thinking, "Hey, they're moderate now" when actually most of them are still frightening left-overs from the Reform-Alliance days. *shudder* I am aware that the Liberals ought to be punished blah blah blah blah blah but, holy fuck, Canada, how can you even think of voting for a party that announced its intentions to take away some rights a few hours after it brought down the government?

The wedding, by the way, was super. I was able to cross off another couple of names on the "Mes oncles to meet" list. Huge French-Canadian families and all that jazz.


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