We finally sat down and figured out who was getting what this weekend. We are, of course, spoiling the niece. She's eight! She's girly! She wants beads! How can we not spoil her? We bought that Klutz beading book that everyone loves so much, more purple beads than you can shake a stick at because the niece likes purple, and a domino necklace that a friend of ours (who lives in North Pole, AK, so maybe we can tell the niece that the necklace was made by Mrs. Claus...) made (that's it on the left). All that's left now is hunting through Amazon to order the rest of the gifts that I don't want to carry and that I don't have to buy here. During the searches, I came across this candle holder. We used to have one and I loved it. Loved it. I contemplated adding one to my wishlist, but opted to add this instead. No one in Toronto knows what a krumkake iron is. In fact, most people look like you've just sworn at them what you say "krumkake." Meh. Multicultural, my ass. I'm not being allowed to live up to my full Norwegian potential. Then, again, the fact that I don't like lutefisk probably prevents me from being truly Norwegian too.


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