Shock and Awe

I was worried about clearing customs and immigration on my way into the States. I'd noticed a rise in hostility towards those of us who are US citizens but residents of other countries. I was always tempted to say, "I've lived in Canada since long before 9/11" but I didn't. Lately all of the questions have been geared towards figuring out why I don't live in the US: "Are you married?" is the most popular one. "What are you doing in Canada?" has fallen out of favour. Well, this time around I was asked:

"What are you doing in Canada?"


"What's your program?"

"Doctorate in Slavic Languages and Literatures."

This answer blew the customs official out of the water. He was impressed. And then came the fateful question: "What are you going to do when you're done?" I shrugged and looked bewildered. "I don't know," I answered, "Get a job?" Needless to say, my customs official was no longer so impressed.

In other immigration news: the people clearing US customs were separated into Americans and non-Americans. The American-only line was short. I was surrounded by white men in bad suits. Cripes, no wonder people hate us.

And in Canadians immigration news: my application arrived in Vegreville yesterday. Now all I really can do is wait.


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