Yesterday was the last day of class for the term. My students are currently writing a take-home test. We don't do in-class tests because I can't afford to use four of hours of an entire year's worth of classtime for tests. Stupid Czech. Why did you have to be so effin' hard?

So, today was the day to get my life back on track: focus on the diss again, finish those pesky last immigration questions, i.e. Why don't you conform to our template?, do my Christmas shopping, finish making that one last handmade, buying that last bit of supplies for that last handmade gift, work out, blah blah blah. Instead, I'm dragging tail like you wouldn't believe.

I suppose I'll ease myself into life by watching a movie down at the AV library. An expressionist/melodrama version of the Decembrist Uprising in 1825. I suppose that sometimes I do love my dissertation topic. Otherwise, I'd never have a reason to watch the The Union of Big Things. Even the title is great, given the context. Ah, Russians who don't take themselves too seriously. Why aren't there more of them out there?

Oh, and I did make a haircut appointment. I'm sure that counts as getting my life back on track.


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