No, I don't want to go play with the microfiche readers. Why do you ask?

I've seen a couple of the CPC's (Conservative Party of Canada) new ads. Is it me, or do they remind you of Dockers ads? Minus the crotch and butt shots, of course. Because...well...shudder. But I must say that even the weird aesthetics cannot overcome the fact that the image of Canada presented in these ads is pretty creepy and not anthing I'd ever support. There are no men in the ad on childcare (because that's a woman's problem, of course), even though there are women in all the other ads. And the visible minorities? They're relegated to the one ad on immigration. The other ads are glaringly white. Disturbingly so. They don't look anything like the working-class neighborhood where I live and I love my neighborhood.

You can watch the ads for yourself here.


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