The Best Laid Plans of...Me!

Were quickly rent asunder today. I stopped at the department to pick up the master photocopies of the textbook and the workbook that I'll be using this year (both are out of print) because my supervisor swore that they were in the TA office with the rest of the textbooks and workbooks. Two of us turned the office upside down and they weren't there. The workbook was eventually discovered exactly where my supervisor swore it wouldn't be: her office. Thank goodness I have a key to it. Here I was, planning on taking my packets to the three-cent place next to the department and now I have to hunt down the master photocopy of the textbook. Or I may have to photocopy the bloody thing myself on Monday (because I have my own copy). Can I get a "fuck me"? because I'm peeved. The textbook is big and awkwardly sized.

I also just received an e-mail about graduation photos. Um, yeah. I haven't even been to a graduation since high school. What makes them think that I want a bad picture of me wearing the hood and holding a diploma because I don't. I don't want my picture taken in the hood until I'm sporting my own come next summer.


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