Random Thoughts Disguised as a Post (Okay, They're Not Really Disguised)

1. My advisor summed up the last hundred pages of my diss: "Lermontov blah blah blah genre breakdown blah blah blah Avant-Garde blah blah blah Burger's wrong blah blah blah Socialst Realism blah blah blah adaptation blah blah blah Eikhenbaum blah blah blah = one hundred pages and you're done." It sounds so easy when she says it.

2. The last time I met with my advisor we were discussing our "we's" as in when one of us says "we" who do we mean. I still find that my "we" refers to Americans. I've tried and tried and tried to adapt but occassionally something slips out of my mouth and I realize that I really am American. My advisor has the same problem. Sometimes she's really a Czech Jew. She proved the Czech part on Tuesday because she couldn't wrap her mind around the concept of a "lock-out." She kept refering to the CBC "strike" and I kept correcting her. Management decided not to let people work, the employees didn't decide to go on strike. And then we spent half an hour trying to figure out how to say "lock out" in Czech because, of course, a lock out in Communist Czechoslovakia would have been absurd.

3. I need more tomato recipes. I can't use them fast enough. I've made Indonesian-style fried eggplant, enough tomato sauce to choke a horse, tomato tart, and tomato quiche. I guess that I'll have to move on to salsa, chokas (Trinidadian dishes that feature the Trinidadian version of a tarka [heat oil, through in whole spices, add to dish]), and....any other suggestions?

4. I love Eikhenbaum. He said exactly what I wanted him to say. Oh Boris Mikhailovich, you're a great scholar, which is the main reason I love, but you just conflated Lermontov and Arbenin. I love you that much more for that slip. You're making the next chapter that much easier. Целую!

5. My shoulders hurt already from the workout this morning. Egads.

6. What is up with the lyrical jazz crap on So You Think You Can Dance?. I don't get it. It just looks weird and sloppy to me. Oh and what's up with Nigel Lythgoe's barely concealed homophobia? Loser.


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