A Meme Instead of a Post

5 albums in your iPod (these are actually on my iBook because I don't own an iPod):
1. Modest Mouse - Good News for People Who Love Bad News
2. Stars - Set Yourself on Fire
3. Feist - Let It Die
4. J.S. Bach - The Complete Partitas and Sonatas for Solo Violin performed by Christian Tetzlaff
5. Ludwig van Beethoven - String Quartets 14 (op. 131) and 9 (op. 59 no. 3) performed by the Talich Quartet

5 movies you've seen recently:

1. March of the Penguins
2. Brother (Брат)
3. Masquerade (Маскарад)
4. Money or Life (Peníze nebo život)
5. Sylvia

5 nice things that happened to you lately:

1. I received my funding letter and the department is being far more generous than I expected them to be.
2. My BIL and SIL spent a week with us in Toronto and I had an opportunity to really relax.
3. I received a large padded envelope from my friend, Diabla.
4. I finally had an epiphany regarding the intro for my diss.
5. I found a bit of my sanity. It had been hiding on the office floor.

5 Magazines I Love:

1. Cloth Paper Scissors
2. The Economist
3. Dwell
4. Saveur
5. Martha Stewart Living


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