Gone Fishin'

My BIL and SIL sans kids arrive on Monday so this weekend will be spent cleaning, stocking up, eating fish at D & B's, shopping for a housewarming orchid for D & B, helping Ptichka shop for chiyogami, sleeping in, drawing monsters, visiting IKEA, and other random stuff. Next week will be spent drinking, eating, and hanging. There will be minimal dissertating and no posting (unless Alberta throws another hissy fit) until next Friday.

But admit it, I've been pretty boring lately anyway. Blame it on the fact that I walk to and from campus every day now. Two hours of walking a day = a hell of a lot of time to think. A hell of a lot of time to think = not much incentive to blog.

So now the next week here will be as boring as most of the summer has been, except that I won't be around to create additional boring posts. And with this, I leave you with a link for my new favourite blog of the moment: A Bird in the Hand. Her work is gorgeous (I especially like her Modbirds), and if you feel like crying a little bit, read her latest self-portrait Tuesday post.

Have a good week.


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