I Thought I was Being Funny

On the forums for a mail art group to which I belong, there is a thread called "Picture Scavenger Hunt." One person posts a request and the next person finds a suitable picture. The person above me had requested that I show her something I'd rather not see. I decided that Stephen Harper at a barbeque would be horrifying even in light of the CPC's recently announced public transit tax rebate. All the faults in my hostessing skillz would be exposed. I'm not even sure if Ptichka and her superior French-Canadian breeding could hold up in this situation. It would be a disaster and entertaining disasters are not allowed to occur chez nous. Of course, most of my colleagues yonder are American so no one got the joke but like hell I was going to post a picture of Shrub cooking meat over an open flame. Harper could probaly squeeze a private barbeque into his charm offensive. We'd be penciled in between the pancake feed at the local church and judging the local beauty pagent.


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