We Think We Get It

Yellowknife has canceled Heterosexual Day.

Councillor Alan Woytuik, who introduced the proclamation, stated:

I'm a little shocked over all the attention it received. I saw it as a simple request to treat everyone the same and it was misinterpreted and kind of blown way out of proportion from what the original intent was so I feel a little shocked about that.

Now, I doubt that Woytuik would consider introducing a proclamation for celebrating Caucasian History Month in response to Black History Month because he understands that that is wrong, so I wonder why he can't get his mind around why Heterosexual Day was a bad idea. Logic by analogy is still valid logic.

In other gay news:

Alex and Lynn, you know, the self-righteous Rob-and-Amber-obsessed gay couple from The Amazing Race will wed in Ottawa tomorrow. Congratulations, boys. Even though you annoyed the living daylights out of me while you were racing, I wish you all the wedded bliss you can handle.


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