In Which One Fleeting Minute of Self-Pity Undoes Weeks of Training

This morning I was in pain. I know its cause. I know that painkillers don't work. I know that it passes in several hours. But that doesn't change the nature of this pain. It's a Makes-you-want-to-vomit, can't-remain-still kind of pain.

RZA was in the house (can you see where this is leading). Since there is a little RZA wallow in the corner of the garden that hasn't been planted, we don't let her on the bed anymore. She is filthy. She looked relatively clean. Her breath didn't smell like canned butt. She wanted to be in my lap and I was sitting on the bed, trying to ignore the pain, and feeling sorry for myself.

I let her on the bed,

She's now asleep by my side.

She will be confused when I feel better and go back to being the keeper of the bed who frequently says, "NO!" to her. Sometimes it must suck to be a cat.


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