Reason no. 4932 to Stay in Canada

I turned on the television a bit before 21.00 yesterday because that's when American Idol is on and I needed some closure. I had to watch a pretty craptastic hour (although I'm happy that David Hasselhoff understands his position in pop culture and seems pretty cool with it), which ended with Carrie being crowned the latest American Idol, even though Bo should have won. Then I peaked at the Television without Pity forums. Everyone was complaining about a Beach Boys medley (huh?) and people being drunk (double-huh?). I was prepared to be smug: In Canada we only had to sit through the last hour of AI...suckas! But then I realized that the reason Bo and Carrie were singing some random duet when I turned on the television at, let's say, 20.56 was because I had not paid enough attention to the promos to know that the season finale was a two-hour circus. So, this is not a reason to stay in Canada but a reason to say, "Go me!"


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