Sorting Things Out

I opened a Greatest Journal account to serve as an art/craft/creative journal because it has a butt-load of free photo storage, something Blogger does not possess. I may gradually move the posts here that deal with my more creative endeavours to the Greatest Journal account but I will probably be lazy and not bother. So, this here blog will remain half-assedly academic and full-assedly random because while I'm enjoying reading everyone else's academic blogs (especially ABD Mom's because she's at the same point in her grad career as me and always seems to being saying the exact same thing I was thinking), I don't really feel like I have much to add. Maybe I will once the great outdoors stop calling me and I hunker down for another Canadian winter but at the moment, life is good. My advisor loves my work and promises to love it even more once I "add water" (concision has never been a problem for me). I'm a dissertatin' fool at the moment. My conference paper is being a complete brat but that'll be solved with a couple hours' worth of discipline work. The garden is in thr ground. My pansies just started blooming. I'm planning an artichoke print and working on my sewing skills. See? Life's good.

So, if I'm quiet here, I'm probably over here. The link is in the sidebar under "I made this."


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