Wastin' Time

It's almost five o'clock and I haven't done a blessed thing all day, except go through all of the old copies of Marie Claire Idées in Ptichka's possession, lament the fact that Marie Claire Idées is only a quarterly, browsed some on-line mail art galleries, contemplated getting dressed and going out to buy some cheap green acryclic paint to use in my first attempt at cheat's paste paper, made a half-hearted attempt at organizing my beading supplies, and did a google search for Lotta Jansdotter, a designer whose stuff transforms me into a materialistic whore. She has an on-line shop and the sub-headings textiles and apparel excited me until I realized that textiles referred to table cloths and that apparel refered to aprons. Lately I've been dreaming of a sweet a-line skirt with this design on it. I had imagined it in blue originally but the green is good idea too.


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