Xenophobia: Take 2

Dramatis personae
Zh. - graduate student
Asshole - asshole

ZH. takes a seat at the back of the streetcar. Puts her bag on her lap, unzips it, and pulls out a Russian-language book that she has decided to read for fun. She opens the book and begins reading. ASSHOLE begins staring at her. ZH. decides to ignore ASSHOLE because he looks like an asshole. She continues reading until the stop before hers. She closes the book, unzips her bag, and shoves the book in it. ASSHOLE catches her eye.

ASSHOLE: (Leaning over. Confidentially.) You're in Canada now. You should learn English and fit in.
ZH.: (Quickly recovering from her shock that this happened to her before. Looks at ASSHOLE dismissively. With contempt and in a flawless American verging on Canadian accent): Fine. But do I also need to become a xenophobic asshole to fit in?

Before ASSHOLE can react, ZH. rises from her seat and walks to the middle doors, where she exits the streetcar and heads home. After she's made sure that she's not being followed.


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