Keeping Track II

Order transcripts from four different universities
Ask for two letters of recommendation
Photocopy first page of passport
Complete application
Write research proposal in English
Translate research proposal into another language
Write policy relevance essay in English
Write archive list in English
Write archive list in another language
Update CV in Engilsh
Translate CV into another language
Photocopy everything listed after my passport five times.
Mail the damn thing

Ordering transcripts took all morning. Every university has a different method. Every university charges a different amount. I cannot possibly remember four different student numbers. Not all universities have proven themselves trustworthy when it comes to faxed requests (Hear me, undergraduate institution!). Not all universities accept faxed requests unless you want to pay double the normal fee and have them drop everything to take care of your request. And of course, not all households are in possession of nondescript, white, business-size envelopes, which means that three universities will be receiving transcript requests in yellow construction-paper envelopes with Christmas stamps.

I am happy to say, however, that after reviewing the grant application process that I experienced last year at this time, I'm way ahead. Yeah me! -Zh.


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