I'm Busy. Worrying.

It's election day and I don't have anything eloquent or meaningful to say, so I'm going to keep quiet, attempt to wrap up the latest draft of my grant narrative, and prepare myself for D. and B.'s Bush Bash later tonight, i.e. I need to find a pumpernickel boule for the spinach dip.

Since I have been all gloom and doom lately (ask K. about it.), I'll leave you with a link to Mandel'stham's "The Age" and some depressing news from Russia. Putin has been using the terrorism as a cover for extending presidential powers. The majority of his reforms after Beslan weren't security measures but power grabs. Now Motherland leader Dmitrii Rogozin thinks that the constitution should be changed to allow Putin to appoint the mayors of large cities. (via RFE/RL) -Zh.

P.S. I voted. Have you?


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