K. and I like urban music. Not the kind of urban music that 13-year-old suburban boys tend to like, mind you. We're not into guns, hos, bling-bling, and all that macho shit. We like the blatantly political and the the generally groovy. K. recently scored the latest K-Os album only a couple of months after it was released. Leslie Feist was then taken off continuous rotation. We've always been secretive about our urban music habit. We're white, female, middle-class, and, well, bland. K.'s a bit spicier because she's French but I'm pretty run-off-the-mill Anglo. The only interesting thing about me is the fact that I share a hometown with grunge. Well, we feel a bit hipper these days. Our new favorite art supply store is in the aggressively hip section of Queen. You know, the part where the suburbs and people who actually make it their mission to be hip meet. We were in Curry's buying acetate, my latest love, and they were playing K-Os. We could fit in here, even though we don't dress outrageously or have an piercings that look painful. We don't know why we'd hang here, however. It seems like tonnes of work.

On a sort of related note. When did pugs replace wiener dogs as the hipster dog of choice? -Zh.


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