Monday Dose of Insecurity

After spending half a week not thinking about my grant narrative, it's back to it. I was hoping to have comments from my second reader by now but so far there has been silence. (It's rumoured that he has a life now. Since I've seen him at the library on Sunday afternoons, I hope that this is the case. No one but undergrads studying for midterms and grad students still doing coursework should be at the library on Sundays.) So the bits that make me feel skeevey shall be reworked because my gut is as good at detecting methodological mistakes as my second reader is. I'm just worried that he has a print-out of my narrative and after mocking it with his spouse (who is also a Russian-lit specialist), has decided that he couldn't possibly write a letter of recommendation for a big, 'ole moron like me.

I HATE asking for money. It makes me feel like dirt and reminds me that my C.V., although not too bad, is far from perfect.



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