Civic duty? Check!

K: Your ballot arrived today.
Zh: Yeah. (Opens ballot)
K: That's really long.
Zh: Yeah.
K: Lemme see. (Is shown ballot.) You get to vote for Insurance Commissioner?
Zh: Yes.
K: (Still looking at ballot) Could you have a democratic governor and a republican lieutenant governor?
Zh: Yes.
K: (Handing ballot back to Zh.)It's simpler here.
Zh: (Starts filling in her absentee ballot.) Mmmhmm.
K: Why are you filling in the bubbles?
Zh: Because that's what you're supposed to do.
K: In Canada you just write an "x" next to the name of who you're voting for.
Zh: Mmmhmm.
K: What office are you voting for now?
Zh: Some judge position.
K: You vote for judges?
Zh: Yeah.
K: Are you really qualified to do that?
Zh: No. I follow the endorsements in the Seattle Times.
K: Oh. Do you get to bring a cheat sheet in with you when you vote?
Zh: I don't think so.
K: That's crazy. What if you're old? There are a lot of people on the ballot.
Zh: I dunno. This guy's running unopposed. Who should my write-in be?
K: Hmmmm....Mácha?
Zh: Yeah, he'll do.
K: (Reading the stuff that came with my absentee ballot.) You do realize you're committing a federal offence.
Zh: No.
K: You should be voting in private with no one else around.
Zh: Whatever. We're married. You don't count.
K: You could go to prison.
Zh: I'll finsih this later.
K: You guys are weird. I really don't ever want to move to the States.
Zh: (Shrugs.) Me neither.

We are going to a Bush Bash next Tuesday. Between now and then I am going to work really hard to convince myself that Bush will win, so that if Bush does win, I won't cry in front of my friends and if Kerry wins, I'll be pleasantly surprised. I just started reading that article about Bush's faith-based presidency in The New York Times Magazine and that shit freaks me right out. -Zh.


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