Library: 1; Zh. -5 (at least)

I couldn't even set foot inside the library today so it gets a point and I go into the negative.

Instead of being a productive graduate student I picked up my transcripts, placed them in an envelope with two letters of recommendation and another transcript, went to the department to see if there were any more undergraduate tests to pick up (there weren't), ran into a friend who reminded me why being done with course work is a glorious thing, dropped by my mailbox again (this time there was an undergrad test in it), went to mail my transcripts and letters of recommendation to Indiana, wandered over to the Bay to purchase hose (Calvin Klein sheers are not what they used to be), hopped on the subway and went to the biggest LCBO in Ontario, pestered a salesperson about the absence of Gambrinus in the Czech beer section, purchased some alcohol, and headed home.

That has been my day so far. Now I should do some work, but instead I'm eyeing my beer haul and wondering what I should drink first. The options are: Golden Pheasant (from Slovakia), Staropramen (from the Czech Republic), Anchor Steam Beer (from San Francisco), and Old Credit Brewing Co Pale Pilsner (from Ontario). I guess that I'll ponder it over some green tea. -Zh.


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