K. and I have been doing better in our film consumption lately, although we cannot get away from existentially despairing films. Okay, The Triplets of Belleville didn't fall into that category, but Lost in Translation, Father and Son, and, most recently, Distant did. Next up is The Son. A quick glance at the reviews make it sound promising: "intellectual," "lacking in emotional resonance," and "feels like a single take." My last sentence was not sarcastic. As good as The Son sounds, I may still need to see Starsky and Hutch between now and then to prevent me from regressing to my pseudo-artsy, Depeche-Mode-listening, angsty, grade-ten self.

Now I shall go back to cleaning my office in preparation for gaining the ability to work on the dissertation at home (Call now and own it for only 12 easy installments of terror, self-doubt, and tedium! Not available in stores!), but before I do, here are a couple of links for your enjoyment.

A Lars von Trier film that actually sounds interesting.

I still want this book.

Make the TTC the kinder way.



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