Today I went to an extremely long lecture on portraits of the Polish romantic poet, Adam Mickiewicz. The speaker started out promisingly with a little quote about how portrait painting involves a three-way negotiation between the sitter's sense of identity, the artist's perception of the sitter, and the social conventions governing portraiture. After that the talk went down hill rapidly, devolving into a catalogue of all the portraits painted of Mickiewicz during his lifetime. I am terribly happy that she had decided not to deal with posthumous depictions of him.

This page contains the main hits from the canon of Mickiewicz portraits.

After the talk, I had my life organized for me. Unfortunately, I am no longer in possession of the map my professor drew. I'll probably take a left when I should be going straight... So, if the money issue works out well, which I am doubting, I should be in Prague come October, Moscow come February and Toronto by October or so. France has officially been nixed, although if I really want to go, some pretext could be thought up. I think at that point, though, I'll want to stop living out of my suitcase, so home will be good.

K. is currently in the kitchen doing dishes. The sink draining will be my cue to make dinner. -Zh.

Work is sort of, kind of, back to normal. Which is good and bad, I suppose. No more adrenaline keeping me going -- I'll have to go back to my coffee habit.

The fruitcake is coming along nicely. I fed it again tonight (in cooking parlance, that's known as "dousing", but I far prefer the implication that the cake is ALIVE!) and it smells incredible. I can't wait to break into it. -K.


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