I believe that there is a demon living in the kitchen drain. While I know that it is just a drainage problem of some sort or another, it is way more fun to pretend that something evil is living in the pipes. Well, as long as our particular brand of evil limits itself to gurgling noisily at five in the morning and never quite gets around to spewing. The hassle of calling my landlord, who would fix it if he were asked, is not appealing. And whatever would be spewed would probably be pretty gross too.

So today a student told me that he was too busy to come to class. I now realize that my response should have been, then I'm too busy to mark your homework. There are not enough obscenities in the world to express the throttling this student deserves. I'm also less than impressed with twenty out of twenty-four students right now. The apathy bred at this university is mind-boggling. -Zh.

And in other news, I got up before 7 AM this morning, without any prodding or histrionics. (Which gives you a good idea what mornings here are usually like.) Weird. -K.


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