It's snowing! Again! It seems as though winter has finally decided to start, which is nice. The false starts were beginning to get to me. The only downside of winter arriving is that I'll have to start running indoors again. Treadmills suck, but they are better than tracks.

In other news, K. and I are considering moving the blog over to TypePad, which is the cheat's version of Moveable Type. K.'s assessment, "It just looks more Apple, less Microsoft." I guess Microsoft is forever associated with bad or half-assed design in our minds. I also like the fact that I could have photo albums on-line. Supposedly photos can be incorporated into Blogger, but since Google bought them, they seem to be having some difficulty rejiggering their service levels, leaving Comme un trou without illustrations.

The sun's out now, my office should be glowing, and I can hear Mácha calling me, "O králi!- Dobrou noc!" -Zh


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