Sigh. Minou has been at it again. This time she broke a plate and ruined the rest of the chocolate-hazelnut sablés that were sitting on it while attempting to go at the other neighbor's cat. The fact that there is a pane of glass separating them does not seem to bother Minou at all. Now I have a hissing and antsy ball of fur on my hands.

I remember growing up with warnings about the Green River Killer and pictures of his victims being shown during commercial breaks. It probably sparked my first thoughts about not everyone in the world being nice. Being instructed not to take candy from strangers is one thing, but the dawning realization that someone could permanently separate me from my family... Of course, at the tender age of seven or eight, I didn't have the knowledge of what else that someone could do. Now I do and it freaks me out sometimes. Thank goodness, however, that this particular bit of evil has come to a halt. -Zh.


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