Today was to be the First Annual Fruitcake Bake-a-thon. It is now 16.00 EST and not only has there been no fruitcake baking, there has been no shopping for fruitcake ingredients. We did purchase the alcohol needed for the fruitcake last night, however, because the LCBO only opens at noon on Sundays. Now the question remains: Will the booze be used for fruitcake or will K. and I drink it tonight? It is Sunday, so if we don't bake, the alcohol may survive until next weekend. We'll see. -Zh.

There has since been dried-fruit shopping. We'll see what becomes of it, but the stout? The stout I may drink tonight. -Zh.

And so begins, hopefully, a week of home-cooked dinners. (We've been a little lazy lately with cooking.) I'm counting on the blog to keep me honest and motivated. Yeah, pretty pathetic. Tonight's dinner: five-spice chicken with spice mix for dipping, steamed baby bok choy with oyster sauce, and jasmine rice. And beer. Gotta have the beer. -K.


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