I am FULL of angst today. 1. Buying an Apple was the best and the worst thing I ever did. Best because I no longer need to deal with crappy Microsoft products. Worst because now I care about my computer and Apple just came out with a G4 iBook. My current iBook is only a year old, I wonder if I could trade it in... 2. Round two of marking has commenced. Most of the students wrote about my least favorite work and on my least favorite topic. The next couple days of reading should be excrutiatingly boring. 3. I don't like anything anymore, except K. Hopefully this is a phase. 4. The neighbor's cat, Mouchy, is being a freak these days. Hopefully this, too, is a phase. -Zh

So Zh. may be angsty, but I'm just feeling nutty. The question of the day: who's better, Jamie Oliver or Alton Brown? I think the question would best be resolved in a street fight. Alton would pull hair and bite, and Jamie would probably be into kicking kneecaps. I have no idea who would win. Frankly, I prefer Anthony Bourdain anyway. -K.


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