It's done! I arrived in Newfoundland with plenty of time to spare. All the other provinces have beautiful muraled rooms, but not Newfoundland. Probably to get back at the wayward Newfies (not joining the Confederation until after WWII, shame!), their room has no mural and is tucked into a corner of the building behind the fire escape. Given the sparse population of the province, it was fitting that the audience was small. We did, however, have more people that the Croats and we broke even with the Symbolist panel, where all of my miscreant friends capable of rising early in the morning were. My other friends, well, if you listen very closely, you can hear the sucking sound they make. Yeah, I'm unimpressed. Treating Southern Indian food as a chore!

I may have also set a consumption record for caffeine: between 6.00 and 9.45, I downed two americanos and a latte. Mmmmm...jittery. -Zh.


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