After much procrastination, I am finally wrapping up the immigration application. I'd like to mail it this Friday but I have several explanatory letters that I need to write. Explanatory letters for things like why I don't have a customs stamp from my last entry into Canada (that would be because the customs agent didn't stamp it and because I doubt that I still have my boarding pass from August 2004), for things like why don't you remember the exact date when you met your future wife (well, I wasn't really looking to date anyone at the time), why don't you remember the exact date when your future wife met your parents (Well, why would I? We weren't dating?). I hate the fact that the onus is on me to explain why I don't remember every single little detail from eight years ago, because the answer is quite simple: I was living my life for my benefit, not for some bureaucrats. Also, life is messy in the best possible way. Why do you expect my relationship to fit into some template? These are not acceptable answers, though. Immigration can't handle the truth, I suppose. On a rational level I understand what's going on but I really fucking hate it.


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