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Last night, I watched Vladimír Michálek's 1998 movie Sekal Must be Killed (Je třeba zabít Sekala) (Information in Czech here), which was the Czech entry for the Best Foreign Film Competition for the Oscars that year. It wasn't selected, so I figured that it had to be a decent film. It was. Beautifully shot, although with a bit too much extra-diagetic music, the film was a perfect antitode to all of the maudlin moralizing WWII crap coming out of the Czech film industry at the moment.

But that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is that as I was dinking around on IMDb, I discovered that Jan Švankmajer is currently shooting a new film, Ravings (Šílení) and that makes me very happy. The cast also makes me happy.

Do you know what would make me happier? Is if Saša Gedeon would make another movie.


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