Technology is Disconcerting

I'm doing something internet-based that involves people whom I've know (of) via a web-based community for about a year but have never met in person. Mainly because we're scattered around North America. This thing will take some serious planning, so we're arranging for an on-line conference call. I actually spoke to one of them last night. It was, um, odd? Sure. It was odd. Usually, the first time you hear an internet acquaintance's voice, you also get to see his/her face. Not this time. I now know that the on-line presence has a nice voice and a beautiful laugh. It's kind of creeping me out though. Not that this person actually possesses a nice voice and laugh in real life but that there's now this disembodied voice in my life. There's going to be more disembodied voices soon. It's cool that technology allows this type of thing to happen but I still can't get over how weird it all feels.

At least I sound British over the internet conference call thing. My Canadian SIL swears that I have a thick American accent in real life. That's me! I'm only posh until you get to know me.


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