Most of this post comes to you courtesy of another post by me on my happy blog. Yes, that's right, I have a happy blog. Or at least a happier blog. No, wait, a happy blog, dammit! It's where school hardly ever intrudes and life is wonderfully and amateurishly crafty and artsy (with a hint of fartsy). So, Mom and Dad, go take a peak. I'm not that much of a malcontent. Really!

I'm also in a better mood because Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day arrived yesterday. It is late in the process but I needed some validation. What do you know? All the stuff I'm currently doing to get unstuck is in the book. I'm a genius! And there's finally a link for the movie chapter. The director was a member of FEKS. Even if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, can I get a jig? Thanks.

Back to the birthday.

Dinner was roasted vegetables with haloumi, a hard Cypriot cheese that doesn't melt, (The package says, "Haloumi - The Cheese that Fries!") and baguette because weekday birthdays are birthdays that are waiting for the weekend to manifest themselves. Ptichka bought some sparkling wine, which is still sitting in the fridge, some nice red wine, which is currently in the wine rack because I'd already opened another bottle before she arrived home, a tub of vanilla ice cream, some two-bite brownies, and hot fudge sauce. Yum! We ate dinner, mocked the families on The Amazing Race, found it terribly cute when the Paolo-family patriarch hugged Walt, the Bransen-family patriarch, and Phil, the host, and celebrated when the Schroeder family was eliminated. We're also happy that the families are finally leaving the US. I'm American and all this flag-waving crap was getting to me.

I talked to my parents, who called while on vacation. They're currently in Montana and looking at nature. They're having fun. My mom asked about Ptichka's new job and when I said she loved it, my mom replied, "Well, she likes her job and you like teaching this year. The two malcontents are finally happy." I thought that it was funny but now I'm a bit worried, which is why I've linked for a limited time to the happy blog.

No birthday is complete without stuff and I have never had a bunch of stuff make me so happy before. My parents bought me a subscription for Cloth Paper Scissors. The current issue should be arriving shortly. My American friends have already devoured the magazine and one of them has alreade made a project from it and here I am, in Canada, waiting. It takes forever to get here. Ptichka bought me a lime green wallet. I currently have a black one that I bought for a loonie at MEC. My computer bag is also black so I lose it all the time in there. Not any more! Inside the wallet was a coupon for a modbird! I've wanted one for ages. You can see one here and there's a whole gallery of them here. Now I only need to pick out the fabric. I'm leaning towards either this fabric or this fabric. I want a modbird that says to the world, "I'm the bluebird of happiness, yo!"

I'm wearing new shows, my legs are bare because it's 17 degrees Celsius out, and contemplating my new stuff, and my much happier wife. Pardon me while I bounce around a bit more.


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