Tuesday Tomato Blogging (A Day Late)

The neighbor's are also having tomato-production issues (read there are more tomatoes in the garden than they can possibly eat), which is probably why I found a flower pot full of yellow pear tomatoes on the front step last Saturday. Another variety of tomato coming out our ears. Goody We used up some more of our tomatoes last night by making raw tomato sauce.

While the pasta is cooking, dice a bunch of tomatoes, chop some basil, and mince some garlic. Throw everything in a bowl and give it a good glug of decent olive oil. Mix. Add the cooked pasta when done, stir, and serve. Salt to taste. Optional: grate some pecorino over the pasta and give it another glug of olive oil. Eat. Wonder what you're going to do with the rest of the tomatoes in your garden.

The raw tomato sauce is also good on toast.

I should really quit complaing about the tomatoes. Soon, there will be no fresh tomatoes in my life and then I'll be very sad.


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