While my chair reminded me yesterday of why much of the world sucks, my advisor/supervisor's reaction to the situation reminded me about why I like her so much, her unrealistic expectations be damned. A friend, who is one of her former students, told me once that a conversation with the advisor meant three more books added to the bibliography of your nearly completed dissertation and dinner with the advisor meant being informed that you need to learn a couple more languages by next week. For all the frustration these unrealistic expectations cause, it is comforting to know that my advisor has enough faith in me (and her other students) to be unrealistic.

I registered for a couple of teaching seminars. One about teaching to different learning styles and another about the teaching dossier. I don't know how applicable these will be to language teaching but the information should be useful somewhere sometime somehow.

I've also forgotten my lunch at home. This university is a blight on healthy eating so although I've only been on campus for a bit over an hour, I am going to wrap up my database searches, pick up my copy of the textbook, and head home. I can't work on an empty stomach.


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