The Good Shit is in Aisle 8

The nearest grocery store is cheap and convenient. Those dandelion greens that you pay several bucks for at Loblaws? A buck twenty-five at my NoFrills. Even though NoFrills is cheap and convenient, it is not a fun place to shop. It is always busy. Luckily there are no affluent Sunday shoppers who wander aimlessly and park their carts in the middle of aisles while they fondle some chic-chic prepared food item. They shop at Loblaws. People who shop at NoFrills are on a mission: buy enough food to feed the family and get out, all while keeping the kids under control. The fact that everyone is on a mission at NoFrills means that the atmosphere is a bit dour, even though they sell cheap greens in the dead of winter and five different brands of coconut milk. In fact, we're not that fond of going there, even though we're repulsed by Loblaws and appreciate the cheapness and the convenience of our NoFrills. Yesterday, Ptichka and I were standing in line for the express lane. An eight-year-old (ish) boy came tearing in the front door and yelled to his mom in the most joyful voice I've ever heard used at NoFrills before turning the corner and running to the opposite end of the store, "I'm going for the chips." I guess that the secret to happy shopping there is to always visit aisle 8, although I prefer aisle 9. Cookies are so much better than chips.


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