Presenting: Yesterday

1. The paper went well. The audience was larger than I had thought it would be. I got a laugh AND all the questions. Yeah me!

2. The-one-who-metaphorically-moons-the-establisment-every-chance-she-gets is still mad at me. As she began her paper she made some snarky comment about a geographical designation I had used in my conclusion. Uh-huh. That sucking sound you here is my general apathy towards this situation, especially because she's using messengers to convey her displeasure. I mean, how junior high can one get? I'll act like there's a problem when she tells me directly that there is one, which she won't because she's into the passive aggression thing.

3. My friend left me a disk with Office for Mac 2004. I'm terribly excited about the notebook function in Word. Well, I was until Ptichka acted as the voice of reason. Now, acting as the voice of reason means that she gets to deal in earth-shattering (and usually practical) solutions for life's ills, but it also means that she is occasionally a kill joy because no job is perfect. As she pointed out that Word X, which is already on my latptop, had a similar function in which one could import an outline and then click on a heading to go directly to that section, my excitement disappeared. The encoding still is an improvement over the old Word, however, which is a joy the voice of reason can't share with me because she doesn't write stuff that contains five different languages, one of which is written in cyrillic.

4. I had Cambodian food for dinner. Yummy.

5. I checked my ILL orders and the exhibit catalogue for a public display of Mácha's personal effects at the National Museum has arrived. Now I need to wait for ILL to process the book and notify me. Woohoo!

6. I received a disconcerting e-mail from the grad coordinator who MUST meet with me this Thursday because she has important financial information for me. I really wish that when she sends these types of messages that she'd include just a bit more information so as not to induce too much worrying.


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