She's Right!

About some things, I am oblivious. I tend to miss the subtexts in people's e-mail messages. I tend not to notice my surroundings unless I want to. This list could go on. At the beginning of last week, Ptichka pointed out that I leave banana peels and plastic bags everywhere, although if she had waited until this week, she could have added used snot rags to the list, but I have digressed. My first reaction was disbelief and then a personal vow to stop doing that. Ptichka's been working fourteen-plus-hour days for the past week, which means that I an in control of the kitchen: the dishes, the cooking, the grocery shopping. This morning, as I was getting ready to take the green bin to the curb, I looked around the kitchen. It was strewn with banana peels and plastic bags. I am so ashamed.


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