1. The department is no longer in an upheaval. It's now in a state of denial. Let's see how long this lasts, shall we?

2. The advisor loved the chapter. Now I need to re-organize the thing and add about ten pages on Burian's relationship with the PLK (or PLC for the non-Czech speakers in the house or the Prague Linguistic Circle for normal people).

3. The winter of offal has begun! Tongue is tasty and blood sausage is tolerable if not my absolute favourite thing to eat. On a related note: I can't tell the difference between capon and chicken.

4. The French and Czech Surrealists are fun. The Russian ones (you didn't know about them, did you?) were humourless little boys. Thank goodness I dumped them from the diss.

5. My gold Sharpie is less than impressive. I've used it to make four ATCs now and it's about to die. No wonder they're no longer advertised on the Sharpie website.

6. I'm torn, which is more postmodern: a Mondrian cross-stitch or a Mondrian in Sharpie?

7. If you have any good thoughts to spare between now and 13.00 EST, please shoot them at my colleague who is the lone remaining grad student in the department writing comps today. There were supposed to be four.


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