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Fern One of my happiest childhood television watching experiences was Star Blazers, which was just so darn cool. Upon leaving Seattle, however, I found that adoration of and fuzzy memories about this series were not universal. It appears to be a regional thing and so I forgot about the series until recently when someone mentioned having a crush on Derek Wildstar (not pictured at left), the head-strong, rash, and bouncy-haired pretty boy, whom I, incidentally, never really liked. I also never liked Nova. I'm sure that she was a prototype for that annoying female character in mauve on Star Trek: The Next Generation who was the object of Number One's affections. The one who was blazingly smart but in tune with everyone's feelings. I wanted to gag every time she opened her mouth and said something along the lines of "I'm sensing great sorrow." Blech. Well, Nova was like that, but skinnier and less prone to asinine pronouncements.

And then there was Mark Venture (pictured at left), who was my first and only anime crush. I was bereft when he was relegated to half a season's worth of floating in space so that the series could fill in Derek Wildstar's traumatic past on Earth (gag) and pay more attention to his personal growth, including his growing love for Nova (double gag). I wanted Mark, who was level-headed, responsible, sensibly-haired. But I guess that the world doesn't really like the level-headed, responsible, and sensibly-haired. The world prefers to gawk at the head-strong, rash, and bouncy-haired, even though they tend to make a mess. Which, incidentally, is why I'm growing my hair out. I may still be level-headed and responsible but with the way my new, improved (?) shoulder-length hair tangles in the night and the vast quantities of conditioner that it consumes, one can no longer refer to me as sensibly-haired.


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