The Big Day

Well, let's hope he's right. That would be swell.

Another story with quotes from various parties interested in today's Supreme Court ruling. There are some real beauties in this one:

Derek Rogusky:If we begin to start suggesting that any two people can parent the same way as a mother and father can, then we really are suggesting to Canadians that fatherhood and motherhood are really empty concepts and that gender doesn't matter. Uh...gender is a highly fluid socially defined construct. As such it can change at any given moment, which means that "fatherhood" and "motherhood" are also highly fluid and socially defined. So, yeah, I guess allowing gays to marry will empty "fatherhood" and "motherhood" of their traditionally patriarchal traits, which would transform them into "empty concepts" in your world view. But the real question here is Derek, are you really worried about the family or is it just a cover for the fear that your free pass to the head of this particular power structure may not be valid for much longer?

Liberal MP John McKay, who obviously doesn't support same-sex marriage: people who take my view will be deemed by the government to be the equivalent of racists. That's because you're a homophobe, which is just as irrational, inappropriate, and just plain wrong as racism. So yeah, you are the equivalent of a racist. Even if the government didn't decide to introduce same-sex marriage legislation and even if that legislation didn't pass, you'd still be the equivalent of a racist.


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